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Phone call to heaven

on July 17, 2014

Today I’m thinking of a very special man, my Dad. I’m thinking of his laughter that boomed out into a deep belly laugh and made everyone join in. I’m thinking of his beautiful smile that made his eyes crinkle up and disappear which is a family trait. I’m thinking of how strong his arms were when he’d hold me in a hug. I think of how he smelled like pine tree when he came home from work logging in the bush. And how he’d slap on some Old Spice after a bath and I wave his hair like Elvis when he’d take our family out for dinner. I think of how he was such a strong man and kept silent a lot of the time just watching and observing situations before he spoke. And when he did speak it was important and everyone listened or you suffered his wrath of anger. No one could curse quite like my Dad, he’d start a sentence and if he was mad enough it would turn into a paragraph! I think of how much he loved his family and friends and if he knew anyone in dire straits he’d give them his shirt off his back. Sometimes to my Mom’s dismay when he’d come home without groceries because he’d seen a family going without. He always told me with whatever hardship I faced just to keep my head up and keep moving forward. Either I’d see a new perspective for my problem or I’d move right pass it and find the solution and let it go. There was no one that had a bigger heart and loved animals like my Dad. He had 50 birdhouses and he had 3 dogs and a cat that kept his lap warm and his heart full of love. I think of how much I miss him today more than yesterday. How much I love him and how thankful I am to my Dad and Mom for loving me, loving life, and for teaching me to be Cherney strong. ❤️



10 responses to “Phone call to heaven

  1. Kim says:

    What lovely memories


  2. Charlene Holmgren says:

    You nailed it, J-Nine! Very nicely written


  3. Debbie says:

    Very nice writing, Jeanine!


  4. Danie' says:

    Very well done, such beautiful memories, and I love the photo!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. sounds like a wonderful man! I bet he’s watching down on you and proud of who you are! Sorry you had to celebrate today without him.


    • Jsackmom says:

      I’m just seeing this now sorry for my late reply a year later. He really was an incredible man who taught me to be strong, loving, and proud of who I am. Thank you so much for your kindness Mommy in Sports. 😊❤️


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