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Friday’s Feats and Fails

on October 3, 2014

Is it really Friday? I’ve gone a few weeks thinking it was and then it ended up being Wednesday. 😳 I just checked on my calendar it really IS Friday!!! Yay, oh wait I’m a Mom I don’t do much but watch Netflix and uncork a bottle of wine. 😉🍷


I made it through the very long week, so big golf clap for me!!! I had fun kicking rocks on the walk home from school with my kids. Then we went to the new playground and enjoyed watching them play while I soaked up some sun. I usually jump right in there and go sliding, but the the place was crawling with kids.


As soon as we arrived home from the playground my Captain told me had been bullied again. This &@@$#% kid went up to my son and just starting hitting him on the head. It was in gym class like last time with the first bully. I did NOT handle this well at all!!! I ranted, raved, blogged, and cried for my son. He’s too afraid of getting in trouble for hitting or pushing back, but honestly some little a-holes don’t get the message otherwise!!! What I was taught by my parents was you don’t start the fight, but you sure in hell finish it. 😏


I managed to get everyone out the house and downtown for our towns annual outdoor outhouse races. Yes you read that correctly, an outhouse. Or as my little Mad dog calls it a potty on wheels. My hubby and a co-worker have been building that in our garage all week. It was fun to see all the communities excitement of these flying potties down main street. Local businesses get involved, and the competition between the Fire department and RCMP was fierce! After, I took Mad dog to get lunch and the Captain stayed with Dad. Parents for the win, as each got to kid got quality time with Mom and Dad. ❤️
Sunday was a leisurely day to end the weekend and the only day to sleep in. So I watched a movie after breakfast and wrote my Sunday confessions blog. It was a tough one to write, as I wrote in detail what it’s like to live with my sensory son. All the work it takes to keep him calm while transitioning, keeping his central nervous system regulated, and how to help him when he’s melting down. I don’t talk a lot about it, but I write tons on living with it. So all in all, it was very therapeutic for me to share with whoever wanted to read it. Thank you Ash for the prompt topic reach. I reached to new heights with it, and surprised myself with my capabilities. 😊


With all that relaxing time and blogging I didn’t get the 4 loads of laundry put away. While my hubby kept on washing more. In fact I honour my Sabbath and don’t do any housework unless it’s laundry or emptying the dishwasher. I’m a good Catholic like that. 😉


Monday morning I went to school to talk to the Vice Principal. Even though
I was feeling crazy and I wanted to scream like a banshee!!! It was pouring yesterday as I walked my kids to school. We get to school and my oldest son says where’s my backpack? So I trudge home in the rain and both my youngest son and I are soaked. I quickly change my pants and his coat and walk back with the backpack. I then step in a puddle and I realize I have a hole in my rubber boot. I sit in the office and wait for my meeting with the administration, due to my son being constantly bullied!!! I take off my soaked sock and put a plastic bag on my foot and then have my meeting. In the middle of it my youngest gets bored, and sees some plastic sticking out and pulls until he takes my boot off and falls on the floor. So there I am soaking wet, looking like a drown rat with a plastic bag on my foot. The Vice principal looked down and just laughed. Definitely a tension breaker and a pre retrograde moment. 😏 To thank Mad dog for all his patience I took him to a play centre and played on a kids pirate ship for 2 hours. We met another Mom and son there so it was a great way to spend the afternoon.


I didn’t replace my rubber boots so I still had a wet foot in my boot, as I ran around town and did errands. Although it entertained Mad dog listening to the squishy squashy sounds I made when I walked. I still never put laundry away and instead went shopping and found some good deals. I came home after school crawled into bed and immediately had a nap with my youngest. I didn’t prep dinner so it was a mad scramble when hubby arrived home. Ala Kraft dinner, smokies, hotdogs, and a salad was all I had time and energy for. I don’t think he was impressed but I was too tired to care. 😝


I got paperwork into the Dr to get the ball rolling on getting Mad dog a referral to a developmental paediatrician. So I’m feeling very accomplished about that, and I emailed to follow up with his previous one to forward me more paperwork. It takes a year to get into the Children’s hospital here so I’m going to see if I can be fast tracked into there ASAP. Having another DP give a referral plus a work up of the patient, gets the squeaky wheel greased more effectively than asking myself.


I really haven’t been making many healthy meals this week. Which really sucks because I started a fitness challenge and have failed it completely. I had really good intentions but I’ve been so tired because Mad dog hasn’t been sleeping well at all. I haven’t had a lot of patience either so hubby and I have been snappy at each other. Usually when I’m bitchy I start baking. So I’m going to make a cake and write I’m sorry on it in icing. I guess I have a lot of baking to do. 😉


I managed to get my Captain ready for his first hockey practice, an early dinner, and out the door with Dad and little brother. Even though we found out his shin pads were to big, so off hubby went to rescue the day. He also took both kids to practice because I had rehearsal. I had a glorious 2 hours to myself before I had to run off so I folded more laundry, cleaned the kitchen, swept and mopped the floor, and ate a HOT dinner myself. Yay me, I got to practice and we had a small cast so I got to read someone else’s lines. I’m in the chorus so I repeat dialogue with 20 other people, so this was a treat. I’m also cast in a singing part so when I got to take the stage, and act so I was in my glory. 😃


I came home and celebrated wine Wednesday, folded more laundry, and watched my beloved Chicago PD and the premiere of Stalkers. Within 5 minutes I was freaked out, so I drank more. So there I was staying up late and crashed on the couch till 4:30 am, and then woke up disoriented and stumbled to bed. And you know when you’ve been drinking and you’re trying to be quiet? Well yeah that was me, not so much in the quiet department. 😜


I made it to Friday, and this started the Mercury in retrograde phase. So if you’re empathic like me you feel this very strongly, as do my kiddies. So I’ve got another bottle of wine chilling and my sense of humour in tact. And as always a plan B up my sleeve because when the planets going screwy you have too!!! The best, most awesome, most incredible thing to happen was I got nominated for the Liebster blogging award. My fabulous, soul sister, hot Mommy blogger http://angrivatedmom.wordpress.com showed me lots of love and nominated me. 😘❤️So stay tuned when I follow up with that blog and make some nominations myself. 💗

This Friday’s Feats and Fails brought to you by awesome Ash at http://www.morethancheeseandbeer.com. Check out her blog and all the other fantastic bloggers who link up. Cheers. 🍷😊❤️

2 responses to “Friday’s Feats and Fails

  1. John Holton says:

    Re dinner: You had me at “Kraft Dinner,” or as we call it here, “mac & cheese.” And hot dogs AND smokie links? That brings out the 12-year-old kid from Chicago in me.


    • jsackmom says:

      My Mom used to call it Krafty dinner, but I have to call it Mac and cheese or my kids won’t eat it. I love smokies, and my toddler would be a vegetarian if hot dogs and chicken nuggets didn’t exist. 😉


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