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Friday’s Feats and Fails

on October 17, 2014

Well I started out my last Friday with a long weekend. It was a Canadian Thanksgiving so I packed up my boys and heading out on a road trip. I went back to my hometown for my best friends Mom’s funeral. It was a very sad occasion but I was so glad I could be there for my bestie and her family.


I was armed with my trusty driving companion SIRI, gassed up truck, road trip tunes, and my cutie pie sons rocking out in the backseat. I didn’t get lost or anxious which is a major feat for me. I made good time too, and my kids and I had fun telling stories and making up silly songs.


Before we left town my Captain and I got into an argument. He’s been stressed out at school with being bullied, and he was missing his first hockey game on the weekend. So no matter what I won’t be screamed at by anyone so I called in my hubby with reinforcements. The Captain and I were locked in a power struggle and I had to leave. So his Dad talked to him and explained there would be other hockey games and I had to be there for my bestie. With both my Captain and I being so much alike and stubborn, I shudder for his teenage years. 😳


I made it through the funeral and was able to support my best friend and sing for lovely Lucy. I also shared a story I wrote for her. It was an emotional day and my kids were able to have a play date with their cousins. I’m so grateful for all the help I had for the weekend. An amazing baby sitter who’s an ECE (Early Childhood Educator) awesome family that looked after my boys so I could attend the funeral, and time spent with my best friend. ❤️


I’ve been so exhausted since my traveling that I’ve been a sloth so laundry piled up. It got washed, dried folded, and will be put away eventually. 😉 I crawled into bed and watched the season premiere of the Walking Dead and called it a day.


We had a wonderful thanksgiving with my husband and I contributing to the dinner preparation. I was so thankful to be home with my fabulous family and celebrating our first big feast in our new home. So I stuffed myself literally and went into a turkey coma and had a much needed nap on the couch. Woke up to discover the sink was clogged, and it was time to put my kids to bed and get prepared for school.


I took my sons to school the next day and was waiting for the bell to ring and I saw this boy that’s been picking on my son. So he came up to the Captain and started poking him in the chest and I started yelling at him to back off. He didn’t even acknowledge me so I told Morgan tell him to stop! I was very angry and I couldn’t contain it. So I had to leave immediately when the bell rang because I was going to follow that brat and unleash Mama bear on him. 😡


I’ve managed to hold it together, get caught up on laundry, got my Mad dog’s paperwork together so he can see a sleep specialist this weekend. I got my Captain to and from hockey practice and then to theatre practice. And I was able to be on sink duty when I discovered both sinks were clogged up after I ran the dishwasher. I admitted defeat and crawled into bed thinking this too shall pass. And note to self, call the plumber in the morning.


Never ever put potato peelings in the garburator, they will not be reduced to mush and wash down the drain. My hubby thought that was a good place for them. I’m a 1/3 Irish so I know a thing or two about potatoes. And my Mom and Gram used the whole thing even when making mashed potatoes. The skins were always used up by melting cheese, bacon, chives, and voila instant appetizer. Mmm bacon….what was I writing about now?


I called the plumber the sink’s fixed, I came home cut up wood for the fire pit from the branch that has been sitting there for 3 weeks. I played some hockey with my youngest and then came inside to have hot chocolate and watch a movie and write my blog. So all in all a busy week, I survived, didn’t beat anybody up in my reality, but wow in my mind and heart I’ve been Rocky Balboa. Yo Adrienne I did it!!!

This Friday’s Feats and Fails brought to by fabulous Ash at http://www.morethancheeseandbeer.com. Check out how her week went and all the others awesome bloggers who link up. Big hugs and high fives. 💓


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  1. That was quite the week 😦 I hope you have a more peaceful weekend.

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