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One liner Wednesday’s

on November 12, 2014

I always have the most amazing conversations with my 3 year old when we’re walking. He picks things of random awesomeness out of the air, like he’s plucking thoughts from timeless scholars of long ago. It was a sunny day and we were walking and his shadow caught his eye. I spoke to him about what happens when sunshine passes through our bodies, a telephone pole, or a car driving by. And he piped up in his toddler wisdom “and Peter Pan Mama!” He was quite delighted with this knowledge as he skipped ahead of me and declared “Mommy I’m walking on sunshine!” Oh how my heart grew three sizes that day. ❤️🌞😃

This is my submission to the one and only http://LindaGHill.com One liner Wednesday’s. Please check out what she has on the go, and all the other fine talent that link up. Thank you. 😊


10 responses to “One liner Wednesday’s

  1. What a special child. That is a beautiful saying. I love that you took the time to spend it with your son. He will remember these days forever! ❤

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  2. Too cute! Sunshine is a great thing to walk on!

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  3. Sandi says:

    This is such a sweet story, and you are a wise mama to be recording those little moments while he still thinks of Peter Pan as a friend. (Wish I had kept a journal — or something — when my kids were little) I just came from teaching a music class to preschoolers, and your quote is right about the smiles of little ones.

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    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you Sandi, my kids are always saying such profound things. So I started a quote book and saving little gems like this one. I’m happy to know that you teach music to young creative little minds. What a gift. 😊🎶❤️

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      • Sandi says:

        Truthfully, I am not trained to teach music, but my church needed someone to teach the class, and I spent years taking my kids to Kindermusik classes. (I did minor in music in college, but I lack an education background — might be way I have trouble with “crowd control,” even with 4-year-olds).

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      • jsackmom says:

        Sometimes we’re led to our greatest gift. My background is in fitness/yoga teaching and I always wanted to study music. Now I learn more through my children through their appreciation of song. 😊🎶

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  4. We should all be so happy to walk on sunshine! 🙂

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