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Kindergarten Sex Ed?

on November 13, 2014

I read this fascinating, yet concerning blog from Underdaddy and my first reaction was to be horrified, sad, shocked, and in disbelief. My head literally hurt after reading this and commenting. What happened to our kids being protected and left to be well, kids? There’s so many things I do wrong as a parent I yell when I get angry, I swear when I’m stressed, when I have nothing intelligent to say in the moment, and I cry when life beats me up. I also love, hug, cuddle, bathe, feed, and adore my children. I fight bullies, school administration, and monsters under the bed. My sons always know I’m there for them regardless of how I feel. I’ve drug my tired ass out of bed, when I hear one coughing in the night. I cuddle on the couch till morning when one has had a nightmare. I have loved them in utero and have been blessed beyond belief when I brought them into the world. After reading Underdaddy’s blog I’ve forgiven myself for all wrong doings and being human. And I will never give up and keep on trying to be the kind of Mom they deserve. Like my own beloved Mama was to me. After this conversation I truly believe I am a stellar parent. I’m going to direct you to his blog now and keep the comments open on my own. In order to start a conversation to make sense of this direction children are taking into early adulthood. Thank you Underdaddy for allowing me to reblog and share your story. As he’s said in his words “as a public service announcement.” It has been an eye opening and life changing event for me. Loving myself and my family through the rough spots of life, and patting myself on the back for a job well done. Taking a breath, feeling the love in my heart, one day at a time. ❤️


When and how should kids learn about sex? Or any controversial subject?

Excellent Question.

Lets ponder a while before we answer. Recently my wife and I held an anatomy conference/discussion for our second grader, Calamity Jane. There were a few questions on the car ride home that prompted the discussion. She was unimpressed and we learned that she probably had already learned most of these things in school from other kids. The school is public and children can be expected to be exposed to all types of beliefs, opinions, and realities that they wouldn’t see otherwise. After the talk my wife and I both wondered if second grade was too late and when was the time frame, on average, that kids become exposed to life’s truths.

Today I learned that the answer, in some cases, is Kindergarten.

You heard me. Kindergarten.

What truths you ask?

All of them, from what…

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