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Ten things of Thankful

on August 17, 2015

Happy Sunday to you all, it’s been a busy week trying to pack a lot in before its back to school. I have a lot to share so buckle up it might be a bumpy ride to my bucket of thankfuls. So here I am linking up with Lizzi’s TTOT and happy to be doing so. πŸ˜ƒ

1. I’m thankful for sunny days and times spent playing at the river. I love that it’s a short walk from my house and is my kids favourite past time. 

2. I’m thankful for walks in the woods and beautiful secluded spots where I can sit and read without a care in the world. Watching my kids play and splash in the sunshine is like music to my soul. ❀️ 

3. I’m thankful for hiking in the beautiful trails and feeling the power of nature and it’s effects on my psyche. 

4. I’m thankful for parks, play dates, and play groups to enjoy making new friends and meeting up with old ones.   

5. I’m thankful for all the paperwork completed for my son to file for funding. This will help to acquire a therapy team for him at preschool. It’s been a long road thus far, but knowing it’s coming to a successful completion makes me happy.  

6. I’m thankful for my phone working and being able to complete my blog post for TTOT linkup. I feel something missing when I’m not part of this gratitude gang. 

7. I’m thankful for the ability to feel emotions, pain, fear, happiness, and love. Feeling these strongly as I do makes me feel alive. 

8. I’m thankful for reconnecting with a friend I love dearly and have missed. It’s a beautiful gift when everything flows just right when you spend time talking about how much you enjoy each other’s company. 

9. I’m thankful for the ability to apologize. I never believe I’m above that kindness and necessity. When I’m wrong I’m learning not to be a right fighter, and just express I’m sorry. 

10. I’m thankful for sharing my words through submissions, poetry, photography and having them received with gratitude. Just thinking of it brings a smile to my face. 😊🌟

16 responses to “Ten things of Thankful

  1. Wonderful . You live in an awesome place. Have a wonderful week.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. valj2750 says:

    This is a wonderful post of gratitude for the ordinary, yet extraordinary, situations of life. The photos are wonderful, particularly the one of the kids in the river. What book of wisdom contains that advice for making the ordinary come alive?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. whitneymaeve says:

    Gorgeous pictures and wonderful list. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Colleen says:

    Your words and pictures make me smile on this Monday morning!😊
    Thanks Jeanine!! πŸ’—

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  5. plaguedparents says:

    Wonderful thankfuls. I love how you are able to appreciate many things that others take for granted.

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  6. dyannedillon says:

    That lake is so pretty! Love the big, round rocks. and I especially love the photo of the boys walking ahead of you. I still love taking pictures of my kids as they walk ahead of me. Something so sweet about that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jsackmom says:

      It’s my favourite picture to take with them walking hand in hand. I’m going to make a photo collage of them at different ages doing that. The river is so pretty and clear our favourite spot to sit and day dream away. The rocks are perfect there with so much erosion with the current. We always come home with a treasure or two. 😊


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