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You’re my favourite hello, and my saddest goodbye

Gone-your voice that used to fill the room with laughter echoing off of the walls is gone. Never to be heard again, or feel that warm energy emanating from your soul. 

Gone- to live a new life amongst the angels, free of worry, pain, and the strife of the worlds sorrows. There's nothing more but my memories to hold onto and squeeze all the joy and happiness from until it's a worn out rag. 

Gone- 3 deaths in a space of 5 long grief filled weeks, how much more can my poor broken heart take? Every loss reminds me of my own loving parents and Grandparents. Who taught me to be strong in the face of adversity and face my challenges with an iron fist, and to smash any obstacles that stood in my way. 

Gone-the beauty of the storyteller forever silenced and only the loved ones to carry on those tales of family tree origins and how we came to be from our ancestors. Your words that still echo in my ears to this day. While I come to terms with the final goodbye. 

Gone- I look to the stars watching for a sign from you to let me know you've made your journey to be with God. Are you dancing in heaven with a spring in your step from cloud to cloud or singing with the angels chorus of glory and exaltation? 

Gone- to sit on a cloud and not only ponder lifes meaning but to truly find it and realize how much you were trapped on earth in the vessel known as your body. 

Gone-While I feel the need to express how in your body you were somebody special to me. Never will I look upon your face feeling that kindness when I looked at your smile. Never will I look into those sparkling eyes that held wonderment and mischief of a joke you were wanting to tell. 

Gone- to a place amongst the clouds to learn, laugh, and love again while I sit her trapped in my melancholy mood. Seeing your loved ones and being reunited with a heartfelt love of gratitude that shines brighter than a thousand suns. 

Gone-from this earthly plane and lighting up the heavens, but not from my heart. No one will take your place in my dreams, prayers, and aura. 

Gone-One thing that will always remain is my love for you as steadfast as the mountains. Life has to go on even when I don't want it to. Could the earth stop spinning long enough for me to recover? 

Gone-the memories are a comfort at this woeful time yet I'd trade them all in to hear your voice saying how are you. 

Gone-Is the gift our friendship and the special nickname you had for me. I will go on, time will pass, yet it won't heal my gaping wounds. 

Gone-Grief doesn't have an expiry date and I will feel all the feelings and cry all the tears until I'm spent and exhausted of trying to appear as if I'm fine

Gone- I'm not ok, fine, or feel the least bit that I can cope with so much loss. As I sit here in the dark pouring out my heart. I'm crying now and bleeding tears of anguish and pain. 

Gone-There's so much more to say, to write, to spin into poetry. But I'm tired of holding up this armor that I've put around myself. To protect me from lifes cruelties and another possible death. 

Gone-I will have my love and admiration for you until I breathe my last breath and see you again. 

Gone-You're my favourite hello and my saddest goodbye.