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Monday Musings

I sit here lost in my thoughts and I wonder to myself what shall I muse about today on this Monday? I have woke up feeling exhausted from all that magical lunar energy that was shared across the globe last night. The truth is I spend a lot of late nights with the moon as my company. Last night wasn’t any different except of the status of the moon in all it’s super blood moon glory! 


My view from the live feed from Clay Center Observatory

Unfortunately cloud cover impeded my viewing experience yet I knew there was magic happening up there. That helped me to feel connected with the rest of the world and their revelations as we were all gazing upon the same splendour. The lunar vibration in the air was electric and I felt old ideas, thoughts, and patterns start to fall away. Only to have new ideas, creative thoughts, and a sense of renewal take it’s place. A time of rebirth and renewal will begin to take shape in my life and things will start to make sense again. Where I will be blossoming and beginning to thrive instead of just survive! 

I like to think of the moon as my late night companion. He comforts me when I can’t sleep due to worry, anxiety, wrapped up in an insomnia based package. When I’m awake listening to the sounds of snoring drifting from each of the bedrooms in my household. As I make my rounds checking on my children tucking them in, tidying up their rooms, making sure they’re organized for school. I then go back and check and re-check my youngest as he suffers with sleep disordered breathing. After two years, countless hours, days, weeks, and months of sleep deprivation he will have a poly sonogram to investigate what the problem is. 

I’ve been through a lot to get him help and haven’t given up when told he had a long tongue that was falling back in his throat and obstructing his airway. I have held him in my arms as his body relaxed and his head tilted back and he stopped breathing. I have shook him awake and cried countless years of tears waiting for his breathing pattern to continue slow and steady. 

During these times the moon has been my best friend comforting me when no one else could. Seeing my tears and without judgement I continued to let them fall until I was emotionally spent. My exhaustion knows no end so I do my best to keep healthy with exercise and proper nutrition. I have ran in empty for far too long so self care has become my saving grace. 

Tonight won’t be any different from any other night. I’ll make the school lunches, bath, book, bed routine will commence with my children. They will read to, loved, cuddled, and prayed for. And the moon will be there for me as I read, write, think, and pray to get through another day watching over me like an old friend. Departing wisdom and magic upon me right when I need it the most. 

This has been my privilege to linkup with Monday Musings hosted by the lovely Crazy Little Family Adventure. If you’re interested in joining up click on the info above. 



Ten Things of Thankful

This is going to be a fast and furiously typed post because I have less than 30 minutes before the linkup expires with the TTOT linkup group. I missed last week as I couldn’t find the link and really the week went by in a blur I didn’t even realize it was Sunday! Have you had that kind of thing when you’ve been “catfished” into thinking it was certain day and it really wasn’t? Well as you ponder that thought I’ll get on with my thankfuls. 
I’m thankful that the week went swimmingly well and I did less complaining than I have in a long time. 

I’m thankful that I have a group I’m part of where we share our Facebook posts about learning what’s a lesson and what’s a blessing. It’s made me see the course of my day in a whole different and enlightening way. If you’d like to join up just put the #lessonsandblessings on your social media posts. 

 I’m thankful for a wonderful 10 year anniversary celebration with my dear husband. ❤️

I’m thankful I was able to pull off a big surprise of a seafood buffet and a concert plus surprising my love with cake and balloons at his work. 😃

I’m thankful for an amazing evening spent rocking out with the band Trooper. Who after 40 years our still providing an entertaining, fun, and rocking experience all across Canada. 😃🍁❤️


I’m thankful for a magical night of love, laughter, and dancing with my love. We felt so carefree and had never gone out to celebrate our anniversary alone before. 

I’m thankful for our amazing sitter and her lovely dog who looked after our kids and had a blast with them. 

I’m thankful for getting to experience the Super moon lunar eclipse. Although it was cloudy I knew there was magic happening behind those clouds. I was fortunate enough to watch a live newsfeed that was streaming from the east coast. 

I’m thankful for all the pictures and video that was shared of the eclipse. Even though my view wasn’t clear I kept thinking how we’re all connected throughout the world by looking at the same moon. 😊🌕🌟

I’m thankful for the love of my family and friends. Who no matter what calamity I’m facing in life they are there with their empowering hearts, minds, and always all encompassing love. 💞


Writer’s Quotes Wednesday

I was sitting here thinking of things from my past and about an old friend I lost much too soon. As my memories came flooding back so did my tears and then this quote came to be. Hold your loved ones close as we never how long God will lend them to us. 

This has been my contribution to  Silver Threading Writer’s Quotes Wednesday. Please check out her inspirational and very talented group. Thank you. ❤️


My blessings

10 years ago I married the love of my life. I can honestly say that no one ever gave me dancing butterflies like he does. Or make me so mad that I’m foaming at the mouth when I’m angry! It’s real deep love when after that there’s forgiveness and remorse. I have loved him since I set my eyes upon him 30 years ago. He was my goalie man and I adored him from afar and developed a raving crush on him. And here we are today celebrating 10 years with our amazing son’s, 4 job transfers, and living this wonderful life. Proving that dreams really do come true when they’re touched by love and happiness. Happy anniversary sweetheart I love you more than I did yesterday, and I will love you more tomorrow, because each day my heart grows with my love and adoration for you. I thank you for loving me and being my partner in life here’s to our future wherever it may lead us. As long as I have you and our son’s by my side I know it will an adventurous ride. I love you so much as the world just keeps on turning and we keep evolving with the love we have for each other. You’re my rock, my laughter, my love, and soft place to fall. I thank God every day I’m blessed to spend with you. ❤️

🎶So glad we made it, look how far we’ve come now baby.🎶


The Perfect Day

I fall in love with words, always have and always will. This wonderful writer has given me so much to think about each time she writes. Whether it’s funny or heartfelt I feel her thoughts as she pours them out of her heart. This is her version of a perfect day as part of the Original Bunker Punks Blog Battle titled Perfect day. You can also follow along at https://www.facebook.com/domesticchaos


Bunker Punks Battle #1.  If you could have the perfect day. No limits. Anything goes. What would your perfect day be like?

I sit at the kitchen table stuffing my mouth with about 3000 calories worth of snack cakes and coffee. I realized about a hour earlier that stress is going to really make my butt so much bigger. Hopefully not Kardashian bigger. One’s butt should stay in the same zip code as the rest of your body. Why am I sitting here going through every morsel of junk food? Because today. Today the hubs is taking a very dangerous and scary step. One we have talked about for years, researched like crazy and now his health has gotten to the point that it is this or nothing.

The alarm goes off in the bedroom, waking him from his slumber. I am surprised he has been able to close his eyes and rest…

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Writer’s Quotes Wednesday

Today I’m sharing the inspiration and adoration that my son inspired on a rainy day. I usually feel quite sad when it rains. A light sprinkle I’m fine with, but if it rains for days I can fall into a slump. I lived in a costal area where it rained a lot so I always have this reaction. When seeing the joy on my son’s face and how he brought smiles out from all around was a beautiful thing to behold. Cheers to rainy days and rainbows as part of my Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays with the lovely Silver Threading. 🌈



Out of the darkness and into the light-guest post

I read a lot there’s no question of how it’s one of my favourite past times. There are times where all I read is blogs and I find something that resonates with me and I just have to share. This is one of my personal picks that after I read it stayed with me. So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my guest blogger Angie from Growing up in Lord blog. You can see her at her website and also follow along on her journey on her  Facebook page

The most shocking thing no one told me before moving to Germany: It’s dark in winter and the sun is “up” until 10-11 PM during the summer. The winter now drawing to a close is the darkest in recorded history (you will likely have to translate this page unless you are fluent in German). Maybe simply because I had a new baby or because my husband was deployed or because I’m away from family, this winter was also challenging emotionally and spiritually. This week, the sunshine has returned, and I have insisted on soaking it up – taking the kids for a walk up our hill and back down. Not only does the sunshine make me feel better, the walking does, too AND I’m more capable of doing this steep walk than I have been in a long time.

Naturally, upon reading the article referenced above, I immediately drew several spiritual points. Numerous scriptures contain light vs. darkness (Bible Gateway found 55 passages).
1. Darkness is followed by light. Not just in evening/morning or winter/spring, but in getting through the storms of life as well. All trials and sufferings come to an end.
2. The sun (or Son) is always shining, even when cannot see or feel the presence of Light.
3. Even in the darkest of times, some light can be found. I enjoyed the average of only 96 hours of sunshine this winter.
4. Perspective matters. The easy response is to look at the cloudy gloom and stay under the covers. The more challenging action is to face the day and be a light to those around you. I have a built-in defense against staying in bed all day: children. Once Dietrich is up, he is up until bedtime. He requires food and a certain amount of entertainment/activity during the day. He also changes the way I look at things. One of the first snows we had (in Colorado) that he also had some verbal skills, he called the snowflakes “bubbles” and was thrilled watching them fall and clump together from our window. Even though he knows words like “snowflake” now, he still finds a calm joy in watching the snow fall from the window. My favorite part of snow is the way everything is covered in white, making it appear clean and pure (another analogy for God’s grace and the Blood of Jesus covering our sins and making us holy).

Even though this week of sunshine is forecasted to end with more rain and snow, I know the Son still shines. My job is to keep that Light going, even in the darkest times. 


One liner Wednesday

There’s that feeling in the air with the kids back to school. Organization of school schedules and tired kids are the result in that first week. We had some school shopping to accomplish before my youngest went to preschool. So I woke him up and I was doing my best to motivate him. He looked at me and said “give me a break Mom, it’s my day off” and promptly crawled back into his bed. That’s my cheeky monkey. 🙊

This has been my submission to One Liner Wednesday check out all the funny, sweet, and inspiration there today! 


Blogging battle opportunity 

*This link is live till Fri. Sept. 18 th 9 pm EST   
There’s something new and exciting going on at the Original Bunker Punks the  OBP linkup

  It’s a chance to blog battle to win the coveted spot in our Writer’s spotlight. Where your blog and social media links will be showcased each week with your featured story. The rules are simple we have a theme and this week it will be investigative reporting. The post can be 800-1,200 words in length about current affairs in the news or trending topics in social media. The link will be live on Thurs. Sept. 17 th to Fri. Sept. 18 th from 9 am to 9 pm. I look forward to reading you there. 😃

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Ten things of Thankful

I was so excited to see that I didn’t miss the link up for Lizzi and the gangs TTOT! I started to write mine last night and got one sentence in and fell asleep. I honestly could fall asleep sitting up lately and I did that a few times this weekend. So without further ado a very quick recap of my thankfuls. 

I’m thankful for the start of school for my oldest and preschool for my youngest. I’m excited to see that they’re missing each other and have lots to share about their day. 

I’m thankful for the look on my youngest son’s face when I go to pick him up at preschool. He’s so excited and comes running out the door with his craft in hand. 

I’m thankful for great friends who help you up when you’re faltering. And all they expect is a thank you and your happiness in return. 

I’m thankful that my son had a great follow up with his sleep specialist. The medication he’s been on has shrunken his tonsils, and we’re one step closer to finding the cause of his sleep apnea. 

I’m thankful for the ability to read, research, and absorb medical information. More times than I can count I’ve been told by these professionals in my son’s care that I’m a wonderful advocate for him. That love of reading and retaining information was ingrained in me by my Mom. 

I’m so thankful for my Mom’s love and guidance and even though she flies with the angels her influence touches my life daily. I recognized her birthday on the weekend and how my deep love for her always shines through. 

I’m thankful for the beautiful sunny weather we had on the weekend. It was wonderful to have that one last taste of summer before the fall chill returns to the air. 

I’m thankful for the beauty of the fall colours I’m excited to take my favourite hike by the river this week and share my pictures with you in my next post. 

I’m thankful for the love of my family and friends keeping me renewed in my faith, and trusting in God for things in my life I can’t control. 

I’m thankful for friends that have become family. How our thoughts mesh together in a beautiful cohesion of thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and laughter. And to see our children connecting is a wonderful moment as well.