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Fridays Feats and Fails

on November 29, 2014

This Friday I’m writing this blog wrapped up in a cozy blanket with a hot chocolate while it snows outside. It’s cold people, -21 with a wind chill factor of -35!!! I’m Canadian and used to the cold but the wind chill factor is new to me. So I’ll be surgically wrapped up in my fleece blanket all weekend as this weather’s supposed to continue. So now on to my week in review!


I managed to get all my laundry done and packed for the hockey road trip. I also enjoyed a family movie while joining in for an online tea party. I had my brand new green tropical tea in my sweet little owl mug, and settled down in my cozy Nike hoodie to write some stories from some prompts given by the Brain. Tea parties make me happy, laundry does not. Now for me to not to be bitching about laundry is a feat in itself! Evil bitch nemesis that she is. 😉


I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before the road trip so I was one tired hockey Mama. I didn’t nap along the way either as I help out with navigating with me and my sister friend Siri. We didn’t even argue this time because it was a straight drive all the way to our destination. With only the turn off the highway to find the arena. I really didn’t eat very well the whole trip or exercise, so I felt sluggish after we got home.


I cheered on my Captain on the ice to a 20-5 win and took a few pictures, and kept his brother entertained while lining up all the toys to watch the game. They had a great concession at the arena where you could watch the game while watching for your lunch to be cooked. After Mad dog couldn’t sit still and was getting bored, I took him to the playground across the street. We had a lot of fun playing in the snow and testing out every slide there. We were frozen by the time we got back to the arena, so it was so nice to warm up with hot tea before we headed off to our next destination. We arrived at our hotel and Mad dog and I immediately went swimming. It was so wonderful to soak in the hot tub and do a few laps and sing songs in the pool.


With Mad dog’s sensory condition transitions can be very difficult so a new hotel, town, and traveling can be a lot for him to process. So after swimming I took him to McDonald’s. We sat down to eat as he asked to stay and we proceeded to have our meal. He was tired after the pool and was getting cranky so I was just going to eat and go. He didn’t want to eat he wanted his chocolate milk. I of course told him after he eats he can have it, and that turned into a full blown tantrum!!! I proceeded to pack up our dinner while feeling all eyes on us. I could care less what anyone there thought of me, but I care what they thought of him. So as his melt down escalated I announced “this is my son and he has SPD so take your pictures and stare all you want so you can remember him!” And then immediately left while packing him and our food across a slippery parking lot.


After we got back to the hotel I finally got Mad dog calmed down and was able to eat dinner and watch some cartoons. I cuddled up with him while he told me he was so scared and I held him tight. I had to remind myself that he was having a hard time, not giving me a hard time. Hubby and the Captain returned and I had Mad dog ready for bed. I settled down to write a blog about how much I love my family. I wrote about my feelings from when my hubby and I were a couple, and how our children joined our lives and made us a loving family. I then set the kids up with a movie and went to hang out with the other hockey parents, and have some me time. Hubby was very encouraging about me being more social and he’d stay with our sons. ❤️


I was up late that night and came back to the hotel and cleaned up, organized clothes, plugged in electronics, and set my phone alarm and finally went to bed. 7 am sure came early so I was very tired. I got to another hockey game with another win 6-3 for the Captain’s team. I just wanted to go home and go for a nap, but I took the kids to the dinosaur interpretive centre instead. I kept on thinking of their smiles and not about how cranky and exhausted I felt. It was better to think positive as I had a lot of fun, and I took a bunch of pictures and picked up some souvenirs.




The rest of the week went well I got unpacked from the weekend, and had a 3 hour theatre practice to attend as soon as I got home. I’m actually feeling more comfortable there as I got a costume and a custom made wooden harp made for me. I still get called by my characters name instead my own, but I’m enjoying getting to know people better. I’m new to the party so they still don’t know what I’m capable of yet. So I’ll keep that ace up my sleeve till next year. My Captain has been doing really well at school, with being more social and got his midterm report card today. I’m very proud of his progress and his ability to overcome the bullying he’s incurred. My Mad dog is really growing up too, he’s able to use his words and tell me when he’s upset instead of hitting and biting. And I’ve accommodated him on the days when he just wants to be held and cuddled. I had the honour of being part of a guest blog on http://howmybrainworks.weebly.com. I was so proud that I was able to make my debut and wrote about being thankful as part of the Brain’s cherish the moments. Because really that’s what it’s all about, learning our life lessons and cherishing those precious moments. ❤️

This has been my submission to Ash’s Feats and Fails at http://morethancheeseandbeer.com. Check out her week and all the other bloggers who link up. Enjoy your weekend, and cherish those moments. 😘


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